Our Mission

To Diversify the Clean Beauty Industry

Meet LYS™ Beauty, a confidently Sephora clean beauty brand founded and conceptualized by Tisha Thompson with skin-loving formulas that redefine the definition of beauty that includes everyone. This thoughtfully created line features Sephora and Credo clean formulas, universal shade offerings and high-performance results for today’s evolving beauty consumer. With confidence as the goal and clean beauty as the vehicle, LYS Beauty is proud to become the first Black-owned Sephora Clean Makeup brand.

The Rundown

LYS™ Beauty is on an unapologetic mission to empower, inspire and awaken your most confident self through strict formulation standards that help reshape the way consumers approach clean beauty. Committed to a skin-first, multicultural approach to formulating, LYS™ unlocks skin’s maximum potential with ingredients that are not only suitable, but deeply enriching, for all complexions. LYS follows Sephora Clean beauty standards when formulating our products.

The Value

With each product under $30, this highly affordable line targets common skincare concerns, like blemishes, visible signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, excess oil and uneven texture and tone, allowing everyone the luxury of Sephora and Credo clean beauty.

The Difference

Convicted by the passion to celebrate the overlooked, cater to the forgotten and include the left-behind, each formula is uniquely designed to satisfy your beauty wants, while taking care of your skincare needs. Each formula is thoroughly tested and adjusted until the final result leaves you wanting more. Breathe easy knowing this line will never compromise on cruelty-free practices, vegan lifestyle, uber clean formulas, non-conformity, accessibility, and skincare ingredients.


We are 100% free of animal testing, so play with confidence knowing our products never hurt our furry friends.


We never compromise on our formula standards. LYS follows Sephora Clean standards. We are always 100% gluten free, talc free, fragrance free, mineral oil free and SLS free.


Veganism is an ever-growing lifestyle that we love to support, so enjoy both makeup and skincare products that are free of any animal-derived ingredients.


Write your own beauty story with these inventive, easy to use products that mix and match together to enhance—never conceal—your unique attributes.


Affordable, high-quality products designed to break through insecurities…not your wallet!


Formulations infuse skincare ingredients that promote overall skin health for all skin types, textures, and tones.

The Triangle

Scattered subliminally throughout the brand from packaging design to visual elements is the Δ (Delta) symbol, which represents change...an important brand pillar. Not only are we shifting the clean beauty conversation, but we want to remind our customers that at any given moment... on any given day…. they can positively change the way they treat, talk to and love themselves.

The Environment

LYS™ is a proud supporter and participant of the sustainability movement, including the implementation of sustainably made product packaging and cartons. LYS proudly uses FSC-certified folding cartons and where possible packaging featuring glass and tubes using 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials to do our part in protecting the environment.

the founder

The Founder

A trained makeup artist turned beauty business maven, Tisha Thompson, is the Founder and CEO of LYS™ Beauty with more than 18 years’ industry experience in clean beauty product development, brand management, marketing, finance and operations. Unapologetic in her pursuit to diversify the marketplace, Tisha built LYS™ as a landing-place for makeup and skincare solutions that are uniquely catered to all skin types, textures and tones, while addressing common skin concerns, like hyperpigmentation, dark spots and sensitive skin. With ingredients as her tool and confidence as the goal, Tisha is on a mission to dispel the myth that clean beauty, deep shade ranges and high-performance products cannot coexist.

Following a skin-first approach and strict formulation guidelines, Tisha has spent years intimately studying the beauty consumer overall but with a focus on people of color to fill gaps in the market as it relates to clean products, performance, shade offerings, undertones and marketing representation. Truly becoming one with the lab, she uses these consumer concerns to create products that give you the immediate payoff you want with the lasting benefits your skin needs. Because when it comes to your skin, compromising shouldn’t be an option, and everyone deserves access to clean beauty. Innately curious and hungry for change, Tisha dedicates her time traveling the world to discover best beauty practices, emerging trends and consumer-facing concerns to create products that break down barriers and build up confidence.