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Meet your new lash favorite, plus 5 questions with founder Tisha Thompson

It’s time to open your eyes to the beauty around (& in you)! Meet Lash Confidence - LYS Beauty’s new triple-action curl, lengthening, and volumizing mascara designed to bring–and keep–all eyes on you.

There’s a reason mascara is often regarded as the desert-island makeup staple. Meaning–hypothetically speaking–if stranded on an abandoned island with only one makeup item of their choosing, most turn to mascara to give them that instant pick-me-up. And rightfully so as mascara is the unsung hero in pulling together any look for any occasion. But, finding the right mascara formula for you can be difficult. While some formulas offer instant lengthening effects and others add just-the-right amount of volume, having an all-in-one formula is a rarity leaving many to sacrifice the look, feel, and ingredients they truly desire. Not anymore. This innovative, vegan formula is uniquely designed to visibly enhance lashes with next-level length, volume, and curl - no primer or curlers needed.

Featured in a striking matte black color, this mascara evenly coats individual lash hairs to give the illusion of falsies without the hassle, irritation, and let’s be honest – cost. Perfect for every day, this $19  flexible formula easily builds and layers to create a look to your desire. Think falsies impact with real, nourishing ingredients. The volumizing effects give eyes an alluring smokey effect without the unwanted clumping, while the lengthening and lifting properties make lashes visible from all angles.

Give your lashes what they deserve.

Hair is hair, and just as you condition and nourish the hair on your head, lashes require the same T.L.C. to avoid overdrying or becoming brittle. Lash Confidence is fortified by Avocado Oil and Date Fruit Extract, which is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, to help retain moisture for softer, more flexible lash hairs. The Saffron Flower Extract and Arginine are a powerful duo rich in antioxidants to help strengthen and condition lashes to prevent future damage or hair loss. 

And if you struggle with sensitive eyes, this one ticks the box with 100% of respondents* with varying lash types reporting having no irritation when testing the products. Made cautiously with irritable or itchy eyes in mind, this formula is completely alcohol and acrylate free formula, plus ophthalmologist tested for the final nod of approval.


What was the inspiration behind the product name?
Product naming is so important and I always want to select a name that embodies the benefits of the product from both an ingredient and feeling standpoint. Mascara is that go-to product for so many beauty lovers because it gives them that instant boost of confidence. When I talk about cosmetics with people, I love hearing about how mascara makes them feel pulled together whether it is someone who works from home and wants to feel good in 5 minutes or less, or someone who loves a full glam beat face. The name encapsulates how many of us feel when we’re rocking mascara, so it was an easy selection.

What’s your favorite lash trend of the moment?
I’m loving the more natural, low maintenance lashes. I’ve worn everything from magnetic falsies, strip lashes, and lash extensions, but there’s nothing like rocking your natural lash with a formula that underscores what you already have. During the summer months, I opt for ease, and this formula takes my lashes to the next level in 60 seconds. Once it dries down, it stays put for the entire day.

What was the most difficult part of formulating this product?
This product had an incredibly long development phase spanning over the course of three years. I knew that I wanted a product that targeted the most common mascara consumer wants, which is lengthening, volumizing and curling capabilities. It was my vision to launch this product alongside the brand launch in 2021, but hadn’t yet perfected the formula. Nailing both the performance and wearability was difficult, and I wanted to prioritize getting the formula right over the speed-to-market. Surprisingly, the easiest part was designing the component and brush trip, so it would be really ease-to-use for any skill level.

What good is mascara if it leaves lashes dry and brittle after you remove it? I wanted this formula to be enriched with nourishing ingredients, just like our complexion products, and I’m extremely pleased with the finished product.

Do you have any application hacks for maximizing the impact of this mascara?
My go-to trick for applying mascara without smudging is to first apply a translucent powder to the under eye area (similar to baking). It helps to prevent smudging or smearing of the product. I also recommend holding your mirror below your chin for applying to avoid smearing on the eyelid. It also helps to ensure the brush gets as close to the lash root as possible for maximum results.

What can we expect next from LYS Beauty?
Now you know I can’t let you in on too many surprises! But, since we’re besties, check back on on June 8th for a special celebration. Otherwise, we’ll be heads down creating more clean, affordable, and inclusive products for our Confidence Crew.

*In an independent instrumental study of 27 subjects ages 18-70